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Ursula Waheed- Hutter, August 23 2017


“I am fat”, “I am lazy”, “I am stubborn”, “I am a failure”, are labels I hear often from amazing women who come to their first coaching. Do you have a label like that? They tell me that they are not healthy at all. And every time I meet these amazing women, I see all their light, their strength and their wisdom! This is where Health & Wellness comes from!

Is it really about a certain number on your scale or BMI chart? Is it the number of miles you can run or the number of pizza slices you ate? Is it maybe the warning you received at your last physical checkup? Or maybe it is your clothing size? Where does Health & Wellness start?

I will tell you a secret. All this is old news. 

15 years ago, we might have defined Health & Wellness based on parameters like that but we are smarter today. Today we know that Health & Wellness is so much more than eating right and exercising. It is even more than being free from disease. 

Health & Wellness is a continuum, rather than a black and white decision!

While Health can be measured with medical parameters, Wellness is the constant attempt to realized one's actual true potential. 

It is a process of making better choices for yourself and it is a holistic concept that includes your body & mind, your community and everything that impacts your life.

In short, Health & Wellness means that we must do what makes us feel alive, real, happy and good!

And if we are honest, a full bar of chocolate does not make us feel good but if a piece of chocolate does- then go for it! 

This is an invitation to stop worrying about the numbers and start listening to yourself, your body and your life. What makes you feel good? What fulfills your life's values!?

Sometimes we can't have what we want, I get it! Sometimes we want a piece of chocolate but we need to keep our blood sugar low. Yes, that happens! Darn it! What about chocolate makes you feel good? I am sure there is something else that can create that very sensation. We just have to look around and listen within.

And THAT is Health & Wellness! Accepting what is now, not getting stuck at the trail head! Always reaching for a (new) behavior that allows us to realize our fullest potential.

Is it easy? Heck no! However, it is a lot more rewarding than counting calories day in and day out.

So, get out and listen to yourself and your body. Put all (good) advises to the side for one day and just become aware of your thoughts and your body cues. Have a day full of YOU and learn from it.

Let go of all these “darn it” labels and give yourself a positive one to get started. Give it just ONE DAY and see what happens.

YOU GOT THIS! This is YOUR Health & Wellness NOW!

Written by

Ursula Waheed- Hutter

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