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Coach Ursula

Hi, I am Coach Ursula!

Happy Wife. Proud mommy. Energized optimist who loves chocolate and avocados.  

I am a  Health Coach + Personal Trainer and a passionate advocate for women of all shapes and sizes to feel strong, beautiful and amazing!

My Passion - Project

To empower wonderful women to take a smile at their reflection in the mirror

with self- love and confidence.

Background Information

Educatino and stuff

Studium "Gesundheitsmanagement" an der FH Joanneum


Staatlich geprüfter Health & Wellness Coach (International Consortium for Health and Wellness Coaching)


Zertifizierter Gesundheitscoach (American Council on Exercise)


Zertifizierter akademischer Wellnesscoach (Wellcoaches)


Zertifizierter Personal Trainer (American Council on Exercise)


Behavior Change Specialist (American Council on Exercise)


Sport Nutrition Specialist (American Council on Exercise)


Systemischer Coach und Berater (Coach Akademie Schweiz)


about me....

I support women to feel healthy, happy and strong and to enjoy their own health and bodies again! Letting go of life long diets and the frustration of exercising while enjoying a personalized approach to a healthy lifestyle.

I believe in concepts of nutrition and exercise just as much as I believe that our mindset, stress, sleep and our environment influence our happiness, health and weight! Therefore, I create holistic, real-world programs in which chocolate and salad both find their place and time!

Usually, I have way too much energy to sit on my butt for longer periods of time and I help women to enjoy their own life with loads of energy and feeling great!

I combine classic nutrition and exercise concepts with methods of positive psychology and behavior change to finally make weight loss dreams come true!

No matter if it is about weight loss, exercise frustration or general well-being, we usually have an idea of we are supposed to do. The most difficult part is actually doing it! This is why I follow a holistic, personalized approach!


My mottos are easy:

1) Health, weight and well-being are a personalized matters and therefore you deserve a personalized path to enjoy your goals!

2) Trust yourself. You are the expert of your body and life.

3) To feel great in your own skin is a matter of lifestyle, not a two-week-quick-fix.

In short, I believe HEALTH should be easy and personalized. Health should be fun and make you smile and that is my goal. To achieve exactly that in every women's life! So if you are looking for a personalized and new approach- I got you!


Die Vision, die Mission, die Absicht

Klare Ziele für uns beide

Du kannst das!

Frauen fühlen sich rundum wohl in ihrer Haut, denn sie verstehen was ihren Alltag gesünder, einfacher und froher gestaltet und sie können es mit einem Lächeln umsetzen und genießen!

Ich unterstütze dich!

Meine E-Books, Vorträge, Workshops und natürlich Coaching bietet Klarheit und den individuellen "Aha- Effekt", damit Frauen wissen wie sie ihre persönliche Ziele erreichen, ihren Körper vestehen und dabei ihr Leben, trotz aktivem Alltag, wieder rundum genießen können.

To Empower you!

Ich möchte dein Bewusstsein für deinen Körper und deine Gesundheit fördern, indem wir deine eigene Fähigkeiten und Ressourcen wecken! Du wirst erkennen, wie du selbst Ernährung, Bewegung, Stress und Co. in deinem Leben veränderst um so einen langfristig, eigenen Lebensstil zu genießen, der rundum zu dir, deinem Alltag und deinen Zielen passt.